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- Mikado
- Okumura Rin
- Cross Marian

- Yamamoto Takeshi
- Kyon
- Roy Mustang

- And also murdercave AU Allen

FOR MY REFERENCE: Allen stuff here, here, and here, and here! Yama was here and here, Roy was here and here, Mikado was sorta here and Rin was playin with an awesome Angel and Mephsito. Oh and Kyon
Poll #1662554 SEXIEST!!!




At this rate people might get the wrong idea 8(

ITP: At the hospital [CAMP]

[Though he hasn't come back to the Cafe for like a week, now that his best friend is a CORPSE, he's barely left his side. Yesss good life choices.

Hanging out in the chilled hospital room Kida's been moved to. :( ]


This is just a notice! After I have proven totally incapable of distinguishing between ike_b_ukuro and anonforgives (Using identical icons and keywords makes this difficult, WHO KNEW), I have decided to just stick to anonforgives for both.

I'll signal whether a post addresses Soul Campaign or CFUD, or both/neither.

Everyone in CFUD pretend my comment count is higher.



this is the best DRRR!! video I have ever seen


brb watching it one million times

CFUD: Scripting

This is just for my own reference, I usually do this exercise with characters to try to understand voice a little better.

Script/cliffnotes for like most of Mikado's scenes sooo spoilers everywhereCollapse )

CFUD: Stats/Permissions

Name: Ryuugamine Mikado (竜ヶ峰帝人. that is just the word for "Ruler," by the way. It is a very unusual name. If Japanese-speakers would like to gawk his name, it basically means Emperor of Dragon Mountain, straight up.)

Birthday: March 21
Age: 16
Height: 5'5" (167 cm)
Weight: ~100 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Medical Info: All human!

Physical Traits: He is a tiny cute Japanese boy.

What's Okay to Mention Around Him/Her: Oh, anything.

Abilities: He's smart, observant, and has a very sharp memory, and is a certain (well-meaning) level of manipulative.

Notes for the Psychics/Sensors: Usually has the nearest awesome thing on his mind, or a certain cute megane girl, or his bff, or the internet. He is always remembering what's around him about everyone, like an information gatherer, but is just filing it away without any particular intent. Spoilers: ((It may also be a certain flag that this normal little boy leads a HUGE gang. Like. Thousands of people huge.))

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/slap/spit on?: yep :|a Just ask!

Maim/Murder/Death: Ask first please!

Kissing/Hugging: Totally :|b

Cooking: He lives alone and seems to be doing fine. Japanese bachelor cuisine.

CFUD Application

Character Name: Ryuugamine Mikado
Canon: Durarara!!
Age: 15

Canon: Ryuugamine Mikado is a normal, polite Japanese boy moving to Tokyo from the sticks, whose mild-mannered attitude inspires his best friend to give him speeches about not talking to strangers or going into dark alleys where bad people might touch him. After all, Ikebukuro has an insanely strong bartender, a Russian selling sushi, a headless motorcycle rider, and a whole bunch of gangs that are either in stasis or do nothing, all roaming its streets. But a change in an ordinary world is just what Mikado wants - hell, it's the reason he moved. He seems especially interested in the maybe biggest, maybe strongest, and definitely most rumor-generating gang of all, despite the warnings he gets from practically everyone he asks that he should really, really stop asking. It's dangerous, you know?

When Mikado isn't having trouble talking to girls or being a little ridiculous and rambly in his head, he has his ear to the ground and his eyes on the rumors floating around in chat rooms and forums, as he is quite internet-savvy. Despite his nervous demeanor, he's brimming with wide-eyed curiosity and rarely fears to ask questions. He won't hesitate to bolt down the street to catch a glimpse of something amazing, even if it could be dangerous. Mikado is very blunt sometimes, and will even tell the girl he likes that she's painting her negative actions in a more positive light, and can also tell when someone is too much of a psycho to bother talking to. But for the most part, he's a nice boy who likes his plot twists dramatic and his endings happy, though his opinion can be skewed in an optimistic direction. He even sees the romance in a truly insane stalker/stalk-ee couple.

Sample Post:

Oh... oh good, there are people here who aren't zombies. I was getting worried. Um, hello, I've just arrived... I-it's obvious, huh? My name is Ryuugamine Mikado, it's nice to meet you. So... so there are real zombies here. Really falling apart, no makeup or special effects or anything, s-shambling and all. This is amazing. I mean, this is really bad! They would seriously try to eat my brains if I got too close, right? B-but they're really easy to avoid, and from what I've heard they're not actually aggressive that often, and it looks like it's true since they haven't been attacking me at all. So... so it's okay for me to just think it's amazing to see this, isn't it? I mean, anyone who's played Resident Evil or seen Dawn of the Dead or even remotely considered a zombie apocalypse has wondered what they'd do in this situation, and I'm experiencing that amazing thing this very moment.

I... I guess my answer is "take a photo with my cell." I feel a little ashamed. I wonder if this is the modern world's effect on human self-preservation instincts...

A-anyway! I don't know if this happens a lot, but even though I'm new, I've actually been following your online community for a while, and-- Whoa! Wait wait please don't hit me, let me explain! I've never done any "audience" or trolling or spamming or anything like that, I promise! I've just been watching what gets posted, that's all. It's actually got a small cult following, Camp Fuck You Die... I-I'm sorry, only a few people think it's real and they're not taken very seriously. But... could I ask you something? How long have you been here? Eh, really?! I mean, s-sorry you've been stuck here... Um... The director here, her name is Elizabeth Sayre, isn't it? She's supposed to be responsible for trapping everyone, but... is it true that she's really saved the campers a lot? And I heard her brother almost sacrificed himself to save a little boy. What do you think about them?

Ah... T-there he goes. That was a really impressive tirade. ...I wonder if I ask someone else, if they'll think differently of her? I wonder what her true purpose is? As it is, the way it looks to me... she seems to truly love Stephan Debussey. What kind of woman is Sayre-san?

... Anyway, I should see if I can upload this zombie picture. Though everyone's just going to think it's Photoshopped, but it really can't be helped. I know campers get trolled by the network sometimes, but as long as it doesn't turn into a zombie version of lemonparty.org or something, I don't think I'd live that down--

EH?! Wh... th... that wasn't a suggestion!

((V-v-voting was here!))